Entry-level Counter-Top POS

Model BITEL IC3100
CPU ARM 32 bits Secure Processor 400Mhz
FLASH 32/64MB Flash ROM (or 128MB NAND Option)
SDRAM 32MB (64MB / 128MB Option)
SRAM 2MB Battery backup SRAM
RTC Real time Clock (Battery Operated)
LCD iSO7811 Track 1&2 (2&3 orTriple Track Option).
CONTACTLESS CARD READER Option (Mifare, Type A&B, RFID, Fleica Support)
IC CARD READER 1 Smart Card With 2 SAM Interface, EMV L1/L2 compliant
MAGNETIC CARD READER (MSR) ISO7811 Track 1&2 (2&3 orTriple Track Option).
BUZZER PWM Generator
PRINTER 2" Thermal Line Printing 384 Dots jam free.
Head Life 50kms/100 Million Pulses 50mm Paper Roll.
KEYPAD 10 Numeric Keys/3 Function Keys
English/Arabic/Farsi Numbers and Alphabet printed key
Colored "cancel" , "clear","Enter"Keys
Keypad backlight option
DIALUP MODEM 56K Modem (Async & sync Support)
Multi Mode CCITT V.92/V90/V.34/V.32bis/V.22bis/V.22/V.21/V.23
Simultaneously Applicable to Bell Mode,Option 10/100 Ethernet
LAN Module Built-in Optional
WIFI Optional WiFi 802.1 1b/g
RS-232/USB Up to 460,800 bps One or Two General Purpose Serial Port & USB device Port.
POWER SUPPLY 85 to 265 Volts AC 50/60 Hz. (SMPS Free Voltage AC/DC Adapter)
SECURITY Support DUKPT, DES,,RSA,Triple DES,Master/Session Keys, MAC..etc
Hardware AES Support.
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