BITEL is the world leader in electronic payments solutions since 1992, with world-class manufacturing facilities in South Korea, Global Operations through regional offices in USA, Europe, Japan, Middle East, Africa & South America.
BITEL's unique differentiation rotates around: Quality, Innovation & Cost efficiency with continuous focus on R&D and commitment to the highest quality standards, BITEL is committed to offering the most reliable e-payments solutions you can rely on, wherever you are.




BITEL offers complete payment solutions for banking sector, where BITEL POS hardware is bundeled with POS application and Integration service to payment or transactions gateways in efficient and seamless manner.
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BITEL has several offerings for government sector, starting from Government revenue and collections management to Social subsidy & benefits management.
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BITEL's offering to Telecom sector spans the process of SIM Sales & registration, Electronic bill presentment & payment to the e-vouchers distribution and management systems.
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BITEL offers a truly unique solutions for enterprises looking for complete e-payments, Online / Offline collections, e-transactions & Enterprise mobility solutions.
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For more information about BITEL's solutions or to request a LIVE demo, please contact our Industry solutions team on: Solutions@BitelTech.com


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